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Our vision is to promote equal rights and opportunities for individuals of all genders. This involves advocating for the fair and just treatment of all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or expression. As an organization that uses intellectual activism to advance our cause, we believe in using research and evidence-based approaches to address issues related to gender equality. We also value engaging in thoughtful and respectful dialogue and debate in order to advance our ideas and promote understanding.

To create a world where individuals of all genders are treated with dignity and respect, and where they have equal access to opportunities and resources. We believe that by working together and using our collective knowledge and expertise, we can create meaningful and lasting change in support of gender equality & Human Rights.

Our mission is to promote social impact in a sustainable way with the understanding of multidisciplinary intellectual activism by bringing aspects such as Art, Sports and STEM to activism. Through our online & physical community, we aim to make every person we reach feel that they are not alone and to strengthen the feeling of togetherness. In this process, we will eliminate the desire for monopolization that is deeply rooted in NGOs and social enterprises, and continue to expand our circle through partnerships in line with our vision.
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Zahide Coşkun


Deniz Sulmaz


Melike Ağansoy

Sports Director

Juliah S. Champion

Creative Director

Esma Kassap

Human Rights Advocacy Team Director

Hasret Uzak

Human Rights Advocacy Team Member

Oğuzhan Karlı

Human Rights Advocacy Team Member

Şevval Çayır

Sociology Team Member

Serra Yıldırım

Art Team Member

Lillian Wyse

Art Team Member & USA Ambassador

Chanikan Kengluecha

Project Manager & Thaiand Ambassador

V4H International DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)





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